On The Verge Of Greatness

11:47 AM

Life is always full of ups and downs and turns at every corner.  Just when you get comfortable, life throws you for a loop.  Nothing is ever final. My mind changes direction every second of every day.  From great ideas, to good ideas, to no ideas to too many ideas.  Things aren't always as they seem either.

I'm grateful today for the opportunity to do what I love.  For the family that supports me and encourages me to be me and loves me in spite of every crazy idea I have.  I told a friend once that I just had a feeling that I was "on the verge of greatness".  I didn't mean anything worldly huge, or even business huge.  I just felt like something great was about to happen.  This has been an an exciting time to live.  Wondering, if anything I decide to do, could lead to someone, somewhere, helping me to get to "My Greatness".

Life is such a fun journey.  I think of Forest Gump and how he had so many cool adventures and different sections to his life.  When I watched that show, I wondered then what my life would bring for me.  I look back now and already count my blessing for the amazing adventures and sections that I have already had......and hope to continue to have.

This is my journey (Junket). This NOW, is my Greatness!!


 "Just keep doing what you love and Fulfillment will come......Kelly Shipley "

doodled sketch of the word love

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